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China's car industry development prospect in the future


Aerial vehicle is a special high-altitude operating machinery of working personnel, tools, materials and so on through the platform lift into the air to specify the location for various installation, repair and operation of, which belongs to the special purpose vehicle and the engineering machinery, is a kind of important construction equipment.

Having development influence on macro economy , aerial platform vehicle used for aloft work is a kind of advanced high mode of operation, the development of the national economy and the development levels are closely related, according to foreign aerial work machinery professional media magazine " AccessInternational " reports, the more developed economy, demand is bigger, and the unit GDP demand the greater will be the volume of. In our country the industry demand the difference with developed country or area. Compared with advanced countries and regions, our country not only the unit GDP demand is small, and the unit GDP demand with GDP ratio is low, which shows that high-altitude operation car market demand economic scale, and level of economic development, it also shows aerial vehicles in China has a very wide development prospect.

High safety, high efficiency and high environmental adaptability requirement, high-altitude vehicles as an engineering vehicle, its particularity lies in: one is manned high-altitude operation, and the operation safety requirements than the average engineering vehicle, the so-called high safety;the other one is the construction of environment of non structural, i.e. its working environment unpredictable and volatile, so the requirements on the environment with high adaptability; three is often used for repair work, and for outdoor and field operation, operation environment condition is poor, so its operation efficiency.


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