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Chain block



Chain block is a portable manual lifting machine. It has a safe and reliable, easy maintenance, high mechanical efficiency, small pull power of the hand chain, light weight, easy to carry, small size and beautiful appearance, durable features. The major parts of liftking brand chain block is made by alloy steel material. The chain is heat treated, low wear and corrosion, forged hook design to ensure a slow lift to prevent overload. Using one-way ratchet friction plate brake, it can brake in the load on there own. Achieved CE certification. Liftking brand chain hoist lifting weight is from 0.5 ton to 20 ton and the lifting height is from 2.5 metres to 30 metres.

Chain block is widely used in factories, mines, construction sites, wharves and docks, warehouses etc. For installing equipment, lifting goods, especially for open and no power supply situation. In addition to single use, it can also use with the various type of manual trolley, to achieve the function of walking around to lift the goods. It can be installed on I-beam, single girder bridge cranes and jib crane.

A chain block is a piece of equipment used to lift heavy items. The typical chain block, also known as chain falls, consists of two grooved wheels with a chain wound around them in the same fashion as a block and tackle. As the chain is pulled in a certain direction, it winds onto the wheels and the end of the chain that has a hook attached to it begins to rise and easily lifts an object.

The lifting ability of the chain block has been utilized in the construction of buildings where large loads of materials are required to be lifted up several floors. Even butcher shops have used chain blocks to lift and suspend entire beef carcasses in order to process them. Similar devices have been used to winch stuck vehicles out of locations where they might have otherwise remained stuck. Even the elevator in an office building utilizes a distinctly similar configuration to raise and lower an elevator car with ease.

1. Small size & light weight.
2. Fully forged hooks.
3. Automatic double-pawl braking system

Our Advantages:
1. High quality
2. Professional supplier
3. Wide range
4. High capacity
5. Competitive Prices and on-time delivery

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