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Column mounted jib crane

Due to the rotation range of n×36°, these column-type jib cranes can make full use of it sown working position.
This jib crane can be widly used for a variety of applications. It can be set up indoors or outdoors, used for handing cargo on the loading ramp, or for the supply of machinery.

Even in a place which have a small clearance height, the column-type jib crane can still act it's biggest lifting height.
The column-type jib crane requries small floor area. and it can be directly installed by using chemical / expansion bolt , also you can use the anchor bolts embedded in the concrete foundation for installation.

Column mounted jib crane

Column type jib crane

1- This machine suitable to work in the dock, warehouse, workshop etc Fixed working conditions, It can work within the 360 degrees to lift, move and materials handling.

2- This type machine is composed by the vertical shaft, revolving arm, rotating shaft, hoist etc. The bottom of the vertical shaft is fixed on the concrete base.
Horizontally Rotation of the revolving arm: Manual, depend on the operator use the human force to push the impending working or self prepared rope etc device. The hoist travel with the right and left straight line on the H beam, use the hoist to lift the heavy materials.

3- This type machine with advantages of the Simple structure, Operate convenience, Turning agile, wide working conditions.


1. Lightweight design
2. Jib arm made of sturdy, hollow steel sections
3. Safety anchoring with ribbed pillar base
4. Trolley with easy roll plastic rollers
5. Square crane pillars

6. Improved ease of operation
7. Maximum operating safety
8. Easy assembly
9. Delivery including complete electrical equipment
10. Lockable mains connection switch

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Wall type jib crane

Such kind of jib crane can be directly installed on the wall or column, as it doesn't need any floor space. The max rotation of this jib crane can be arrived at 270°. Furthermore...

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