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Electric chain hoist 15-25t

Electric chain hoist is small lifting equipment.consist of motor, transmission and sprocket wheel. liftking brand electric chain hoist is made in accordance with international standards.We have got the CE certification and SGS certification!

20t electric chain hosit with trolley     

15-25t electric chain hosit with trolley

Electric hoists are commonly found in industrial plants for the raising, lowering, and transporting material throughout the facility and positioning components in process or assembly operations

Electric Hoist Basics
- An electric overhead hoist is often specified when the application calls for more frequent and faster lifting, such as on a factory production line.
- An electric hoist with a motorized trolley is ideal for repetitive lifts which are required to travel long distances.
- A wide range of capacities and speeds are available for both hoists and motorized trolleys.

Electric Hoist Design
- Mechanically, an electric hoist is very similar in design to a hand hoist
- To put it simply, physical operator input (force applied to hand chain or lever) is replaced by an electric motor and controls
- The controls are needed to start and stop the hoist motor and reverse its direction
- A push button pendant station is normally used to control the hoist and/or trolley motions
- Electric powered hoists are available in hook, lug or trolley (push type, hand geared or motorized) suspensions

Electric Hoist Lifting
- Electric chain hoists lifting medium can be either chain (coil or roller type) or wire rope
- Wire rope hoists are generally used for higher capacities, faster speeds, smoother and higher lifts
- Chain hoists with the same capabilities as wire rope hoists have become increasingly popular in recent years
- Coil and roller chain hoists are the most popular in the 3 ton and smaller sizes because these hoists are generally smaller in size, lighter and less expensive to manufacture
- All chain hoists provide true vertical lift (load does not vary from the hoist centerline during hoisting or lowering)
- Specially constructed wire rope units can also be furnished to provide true vertical lift when required.


Technical Parameters
Model ECH
15-06S 15-06D 20-08S 20-08D 25-10S 25-10D
Capacity(T) 15 15 20 20 25 25
Lifting Speed(M/Min) 1.8 1.8/0.6 1.4 1.5/0.5 1.1 1.2/0.4
Motor Power(Kw) 3.0×2 3.0×2/1.0×2 3.0×2 3.0×2/1.0×2 3.0×2 3.0×2/1.0×2
Rotation Speed(R/Min) 1440 2880/960 1440 2880/960 1440 2880/960
Insulation Grade F
Power Supply 3P 220V-690V
Control Voltage 24V/36V/48V
No. Of Chain 6 6 8 8 10 10
Spec. Of Load Chain φ11.2 φ11.2 φ11.2 φ11.2 φ11.2 φ11.2
Net Weight(Kg) 382 455 482 545 503 579
I Beam (mm) 150-220


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