Electric Chain Hoist For lifting

Basic Info:
Product Name: Electric Chain Hoist
Brand Name: LIFTKING
Place of origin: China
Certifications: ISO900 , CE
Export Market: Global

Electric Chain Hoist 250kg-5t

1t suspended electric chain hoist

Electric Chain Hoist 250kg-5t

5t electric chain hoist with trolley


1. shell: made of light aluminum alloy, lightweight and rugged, can work under high heat, sealing the entire design suitable for operating in the disadvantaged environment.
2. reverse protection device: a special electrical installations in case of the power supply wiring error.
3. limit switch: limit switch devices ensure the motor to stop automatically if hanging heavy objects beyond the limit, so that to to ensure safety.
4. 24V/36V device: switch in case of power leakage to prevent the accident.
5. next to the magnetic braking device: This device can cut off the power supply in the moment when the brakes.
6. chain bag: lightweight, attractive, durable.
7. chain: G80 alloy steel chain of super-alloy steel heat treatment
8. Forging into a model, the strength and fracture toughness is not easy, can hook under the 360-degree rotation with the safety tongue in order to ensure


Why choose us:
1.Durable with high quality, equipped with necessary protect devices to ensure the safety
2.Years of production experience, products exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia.
3.Advanced technology and professional workers.
4.Fast response and pretty service
5.Big production ability and fast delivery


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