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Electric chain hoist



Electric chain hoist is small lifting equipment.consist of motor,transmission and sprocket wheel. liftking brand electric chain hoist is made in accordance with international standards. We adopt the low vibration, low noise design ,high-performance cylindrical rotor to start the motor. Closed structure aluminium alloy shell.light weight and sturdy, good heat dissipation, continuous service up to 40% efficiency. Magnetic brake system: The brake is made by good wear resistance copper-based fiber. When power off,the brake work immediately to ensure the safety. The gear box use heat treated alloy steel. High precision with low work noise. The inverse phase sequence protecting device control the circuit not to work in case of wiring error in the power supply. Heat treated alloy steel chain, it can be used in rain,sea water, chemicals and other harsh conditions. Forged and heat treated hook with 4 times tension,360 degree rotation, safety tongue piece protect the safe working environment! Our electric chain hoist lifting weight is from 0.5t to 30t, and the lifting height is from 3m to 120m. The operator can control the electric chain hoist on the ground by following with the button switch, can also be manipulated in the control room, or distant control by the wireless remote controller. The electric chain hoist can use a fixed suspension or with single track power trolley and manual trolley or electric trolley! Liftking brand Electric hoist are widely use in factories,warehouses, wind power, logistics, port and other industries, mainly use to lifting and handling cargo,hung up heavy objects or repair large-scale machines.



Electric Chain Hoist
1. light aluminum alloy shell, lightweight and rugged, high heat, sealing the entire design suitable for operating in the disadvantaged environment.
2. reverse protection device: a special electrical installations, power supply wiring error, the circuit can’t control the action.
3. limit switch: hanging heavy objects hanging there under the root limit switch devices, so that the motor stopped automatically to prevent the chain beyond, to ensure safety.
4. 24V/36V device: When in operation in case of leakage switch to prevent the accident.
5. next to the magnetic braking device: This device can cut off the power supply in the moment when the brakes.
6. chain bag: lightweight, attractive, durable.
7. chain: G80 alloy steel chain of super-alloy steel heat treatment
8. Forging into a model, the strength and fracture toughness is not easy, can hook under the 360-degree rotation with the safety tongue in order to ensure

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