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The crisis factors Of electric hoist development faces


Over the years, electric hoist machinery industry development route uses growth as the theme, many industry public figure thinks electric hoist machinery industry must be high. But it is not difficult to find Chinese electric hoist machinery industry development in the future will face many problems, such as cost.

One, the cost of raw materials crisis
The main raw materials of steel is electric hoist machinery, steel prices directly affect the electric hoist machinery enterprise production cost.

Two, the cost of human resources crisis
China rises abruptly quickly in the 30 years, much of which is dependent on the low labor cost. When the manpower cost in crisis, labor-intensive industries or enterprises, to manpower and low cost of the transfer region, or can be eliminated by society.

Three, the independent innovation crisis
China's electric hoist machinery industry is from the introduction, digestion, absorption to development, some enterprises in the training of the ability of independent innovation to achieve breakthroughs have certain progress, but from the point of whole industry, independent innovation ability still needs to rise substantially.

Four, the core technology crisis
China's annual economic growth rate is 9.8%, economic gross resides the world the third, output of major industrial products ranks first in the world, however, China 's manufacturing industry in the global industry chain is generally lower position. Because our key parts is limited by foreign , low value-added products, products with independent intellectual property rights of the proportion of small, lack of international competitiveness.

Five, energy saving and emission reduction in crisis
The whole world is now concerned about the environment, low carbon economy is the common goal of global development.


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