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Electric wire rope hoist



Electric wire rope hoist is a small lifting equipment, with the advantages of compact, light weight, small size, parts versatility, easy operation. Liftking brand electric wire rope hoist consist of reducer,control box,wire rope,motor and the button switch. The reducer use of three fixed-axis helical gear drive mechanism,gear and the gear shafts are made by heat treated alloy steel;shell and the cover are made by high quality cast iron, closed and well sealed. The control box consist of a limited device, which can cut off the main circuit immediately in the emergency. Durability steel wire rope. The lifting motor use the large torque conical rotor to start the asynchronous motor without the external starter. Handle style button switch, light weight and flexible, sub-corded and cordless remote control in two ways!

Liftking brand electric wire rope hoist lifting weight is from 0.25ton to 20ton, the lifting height is from 3 metres to 120 metres. There are two types: CD1(single speed) and MD1(dual speed).

It can be installed on the I-beam and also be fitted with the electric or manual single beam,dual beam,cantilever, gantry cranes and other cranes. Liftking brand Electric hoist are widely use in factories,warehouses, logistics, port and other industries.


Rope hoists are composed of a large wire rope connected to a hook. Wire rope hoists are used to carry large objects weighting between 1 ton and 120 tons, and are also used to lift heavy objects in severe heat while welding.

As the name states, a wire rope hoist uses a wire rope, which is a rope made out of wire fiber.

Rigging and installing a wire rope hoist requires you to make a number of choices. Choices about the size of the blocks through which you'll rig the wire rope, choices about rigging the hoist to advantage or to disadvantage, and a choice about where to attach the hoist, whether you attach it to a single strong point, like a rafter in your roof, or a movable point, like the end of the boom of a crane. With the right choices, everybody wins.

- Easily accessible control enclosure facilitates maintenance
- High torque, heavy-duty hoist motor for smooth hoisting action
- Block operated upper limit stop to limit upward hook travel
- Convenient one-handed pushbutton control for easy operation of all motions
- Push-button cable with built in strain reliever cable as used on single speed hoist applications (All others use a separate steel strain reliever cable.)
- Improved plow steel pre-formed cable for maximum strength and life
- Full-swiveling, heat-treated forged an existing facility, reducing or steel hook with spring loaded latch
- Shrouded lower block to help prevent pinched fingers
- Alloy aluminum gear case and cover is lightweight yet rugged
- Oil level plug permits easy inspection of oil level
- Anti-friction bearings throughout for a long lasting hoist drive train
- Positive action mechanical load lowering control brake, also acts as a part of the hoist holding brake system
- Triple reduction helical/spur gearing operates in oil bath lube for maximum gearing life
- Deep grooved, large diameter rope drum helps prevent rope mounting from an overhead structure, or with any of our overwrap for longer wire rope life
- Heavy welded steel frame ensures precise fit for long hoisting machinery life

Cylindrical wire rope hoist

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European style wire rope hoist

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Double girder wire rope hoist

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