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Note the installation of electrical
equipment of the bridge crane


Note the installation of electrical equipment of the bridge crane

Continuous use of bridge crane installed with little what special properties, the general can be installed in accordance with some electrical technical regulations. Installation of electrical equipment with the nature of the. Installation of electrical equipment in the crane consists of the following operations; for motor and electrical appliance and connection, wiring, power line leading to the bridge crane, machinery, electrical appliance grounding etc.

In order to hoist, bridge, trolley, mechanical structure of cantilever and so on device of motor, brake electromagnet and terminal switch, need to set up a special platform, there are holes and fixing these appliances and electric equipment table.
Usually, the bridge crane contactor control panel are more than in a special machine room and a small chamber; when the control panel not sealed box cover, but only with the nets to prevent possible touch. Panel layout when the resistance box and small in the bridge crane outside, or in the loading and unloading machine bridge superior place, should be used to protect steel, steel cage above the hole, can improve the resistance of cooling.

The bridge crane in the arrangement of electric equipment, must ensure that the channel is not less than 500cm, and that of the electric wire laying behind the wheel, so the distance shall be not less than 100-150cm. Disc shall be vertical, inclined should not be greater than 4 degrees. Apparatus shall be insulated and protective cover or shed with moisture in air motor.

Between electricity wire distance not less than 50cm. Controller and master controller is arranged in the operating room. In order to facilitate the manipulation of bridge crane, the controller handle and wheels must be near each other, and are arranged in the same horizontal plane. Electrical dispersion and control room is spacious and manipulation is difficult to take care of, is not convenient. Bridge crane should pay special attention to the electrical tight firmly; when it is not in prison, because of the connection of electrical shock and shock will harm.

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