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Inspection and maintenance of electric hoist


1, The check of steel wire rope electric hoist cable : check the cables if are twisted, crush, corrosion, broken wire or cable; check rope is into the cable drum groove and the cable core or not.
2, The check of steel wire rope electric hoist hook block : check hook is free to move in any direction; check whether the safety plugs, and see whether it works; check the cable core is the free and smooth rotation.
3, The check of steel wire rope electric hoist limit switch: check over whether to operate correctly; verification below the limit switch can correct operation.
4,The check of steel wire rope electric hoist button controller : check the button controller, see rack for cracks or traces of wear, and whether the button has loose or damaged; check all button and a switch function and usage is normal; check the emergency button can correct operation.
During the test, the lifting hoist work without pressing the emergency button. The correct way is to press the emergency button, and verify whether can use the buttons to move lifting hoist.

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