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Jib crane



Jib crane consist of column, the rotary arm, the rotary drive components and electric hoist. The rotary arm is hollow steel structure, light weight, large span, high lifting capacity, economical and durable. Built-in running gear, special engineering plastics rolling wheel, small friction, brisk walking; small size structure ,particularly conducive to increased hook travel. The jib crane is to adapt to modern production, with the high efficiency electric chain hoist, especially suitable for short distances, high frequency, intensive lifting operation. High efficiency, energy saving, share small land, easy to operate and maintenance are liftking brand jib crane advantages.


A jib crane is a type of crane that uses a mounted arm to lift, move, and lower material. The arm, mounted either perpendicular to or at an acute angle upwards from a pillar or wall, may rotate along its central axis through a limited arc or a full circle. A jib crane is often used in industrial settings, like warehouses and docks, to load and unload shipping containers.

In a modern jib crane, strong metal cabling is wrapped around the ends of the jib strut, with the hoist end usually connected to a hook or electromagnet, and the other end connected to a winch. When the winch is activated, the pulleys deliver a lifting force equal to the actual force being applied by the winch, multiplied by the number of cable lengths wrapped around the pulleys. In many jib cranes, the hoist may be able to move outwards and inwards along the length of the jib, offering even greater flexibility of motion.

-Light compact structure, few demand to architecture.
-Whole structure light, conform to the state standards.
-The installation uses high strength bolt connection.
-Convenient in operation, and turn to flexible.
-Light weight, moving flexible.
-Inexpensive handling systems that don't require modification of the building structure in which they are being installed.
-Jib cranes don't take up much space but they allow transporting goods on a three-dimensional plane.
-Useful in any industrial sector: foundries, boiler works, mechanical works, paper factories, etc.
-Jib cranes are the ideal complement for the traveling cranes used in every section of an industrial plant.
-Jib cranes increase in autonomy and effectiveness of each workstation.

Wall mounted jib crane

Wall mounted jib crane

Such kind of jib crane can be directly installed on the wall or column, as it doesn't need any floor space. The max rotation of this jib crane can be arrived at 270°. Furthermore...

Column mounted jib crane

Column mounted jib crane

Due to the rotation range of n×36°, these column-type jib cranes can make full use of it sown working position. This jib crane can be widly used for a variety of applications. It can be set up indoors or outdoors....

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