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Lever block



Liftking brand lever block has a compact, light weight, small size, portable, safe and reliable, long life service, small lever force and the small rope wear features. If configure a special device, not only for non-linear traction operations, and also can easily select the appropriate operating position. It can multiply the small tonnage equipment to expand its load capacity, as to large tonnage you can operate several lever blocks side by side.

Liftking brand lever block adopt unique elastic clutch technology, can lift goods at any height. Light hand equipment with a high lifting rate. New designed forged hook, the top of hook is more secure, with a low bend features. Our lever block lifting weight is from 0.25 ton to 6 ton, and the standard height is 1.5 metres.

Liftking brand Manual hoist suitable for factories, mines, construction sites, docks, transport and other occasions. It is an ideal equipment in installing the machine,lifting the cargos, fixing the objects, lashing and traction. Especially in traction at any angle and in a small venue, open air and non-power supply condition even show its superiority.

Lever hoist is kind of portable and versatile hand-operated loading and pulling appliance, which is capable of being applied in electricity, mines, ship-building, construction sites, transports and telecommunication for installing equipment, lifting goods, pulling mechanical parts, bulk stapping and fastening, tightening fittings of wires, assembling and welding etc. It has exceptional advantages particularly for pulling in every limited narrow place in the upper air high above the ground and at any angles.


chain Lever Hoist
1.Patent design of the driving shaft mechanism
2.High strength design of lever handle

Lever Block

1. Capacities: from 250kg to 9,000kg
2. Quality System Certification:ISO9001 GS, CE
3. Warranty:1 year
4. Lever block is a kind of highly efficient and versatile hand operated hoisting appliance.
5.It is particularly used in the narrow places, the open air and overhead places for pulling and stretching work at any angle.
6.The lever block is safe, reliable and durable.
7.The lever block is of excellent performance, easy operation and convenience maintenance.
8.The lever block is of small volume, light weight and portable in size.
9.The lever block is of high efficiency, fast lifting and light hand pull.
10.The structure is advanced and the appearance of lever hoist is attractive

Lever block HSH-A

HSH Manual lever Block has such distinct merits as small cubage,light weight,beautiful appearance,small manual force...

Lever block HSH-V

HSH Manual lever Block has such distinct merits as small cubage,light weight,beautiful appearance,small manual force...

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