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The safety code of tower crane


Tower crane in our everyday industrial use is very extensive, mainly used in a number of buildings and factories to use more. But you know about it security issues? Safety operation but we must strictly observe the regulations. The following is on tower crane safety device of some, you must carefully read.

1. lifting weight limiter
(1) the tower crane installation lifting weight limiter.
(2) when the weight is greater than the corresponding block of the rated value and less than the rated value of 110% when, should cut off the ascending direction power, but the mechanisms can be a decline in the direction of the movement.

2. lifting moment limiter
3. stroke limiting device
4. travel limiting device
(1)trolley of tower crane, should set the trolley limit switch.
Luffing jib tower crane
(2) should be set to boom boom low position and high position amplitude limit switch, as well as to prevent the boom rebound back device.

5. lifting height limiter
(1) tower should be installed on the hook of the limit position of lifting height limiter. Lifting height limiter should satisfy the GB/T9462 - 1999 4.7.1 regulations.
6. car broken rope protection device
Trolley of tower crane, luffing two-way shall be broken rope protection device.
7. car axle breaking protection device
Trolley of tower crane, should set the trolley shaft breakage protection device, even if the axle fracture, the car will not fall.
8. wire rope anti-drop device
Pulley, lifting drum and the drum shall be provided with boom luffing wire rope anti-drop device, the device with a pulley or reel side the outer edge of the gap should not exceed 20% of the diameter of the wire rope.The hook should be provided for preventing rope disengaging device.
9. anemometer
Jib root pivot point height is greater than 50m tower crane, shall be equipped with the anemometer. When the wind speed is greater than the limit of wind speed, should be sent to stop operating alarm.
10. rail clamp
Track type tower crane installation rail clamping device, the tower crane under non-working state cannot move on the track.
11. buffer, blocking device
The mobile tower crane and trolley track end of travel shall be provided with a stop device. A buffer is arranged on the stopping device of tower crane tower crane or, as with the stop device of impact, buffer should make tower smoothly parking without impact.
12. rail cleaning plate
Track type tower crane frame to be fitted on troubleshooting rail cleaning plate, rail cleaning plate and the track between the gap should not exceed 5mm.
13. jacking beam off protection function

Self-elevating tower crane should be to prevent the tower body in normal and festival, falls Festival during the operation, the jacking beam from the tower support to prolapse of the function.

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