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Analyse the accident caused by
tower crane steel structure weld corrosion


The tower crane has been widely used in the construction sites, but there are many tower crane accidents every year, resulting in significant loss.

Tower crane is outdoor work long-term, under the conditions of sun and rain. Because of the influence of high temperature welding, weld is more easily eroded than the parent material , particularly the tower chassis often bubbles in the water, it is difficult to avoid weld corrosion. Some local corrosion of welding line is difficult to be found, such as tower crane chassis and the flange back connection weld, after a considerable period of time, led to the collapse of the whole tower crane accidents. In 2003, in Chengdu, one of L tower crane collapsed on the case, a 400kNm tower crane, tower crane base section and chassis of the flange connection, have been in use for nearly 8 years. As the basis of long-term drainage impeded, chassis and the base section are connected by flanges on the back of weld by long-term slurry corrosion, weld effective height is more and more small, the fillet weld was covered in mud and flange back. Weld after problems were not found, save the normal lifting the rated load, bottom flange back fillet tearing, tower crane toppled from the roots, to cause the serious accident.

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