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Winch & block


Code No.: MSF-BHW(Brake Hand Winches)

The winch completes the traction drive with human power or mechanical power driving a reel. It can vertically lift or horizontally and obliquely draw heavy weights.

An electric winch consists of a motor, the coupling, the brake, the gear bos, and the reel which are altogether installed on the machine

Code No.: MSF-BHW(Brake Hand Winches)

Hand winch, boat winch
1. Gears are strong.
2. double brake pawl.
3. Compact light weight and rugged construction

Chain winch block specification:
1).Gear Case and Hand Wheel Cover Resistant to External Shocks
2).Double Enclosure to Keep Out Rainwater and Dust
3).Double Pawl Spring Mechanism to Further Increase of Sureness
4).Highly Accurate and Durable Gears

Hand winch technical specification:
The cost -effective solution for a wide variety of applications.Can be used to pull and lift loads.
-Positive action brake can hold the load in any position.
-Compact, light weight and rugged construction.
-Mechanical components enclosed for protection.
-Baked enamel finish for corrosion protection.
-With 10m steel wire or with 7m/8m webbing.

Used for hoisting,tower erection,pole setting,stringing wire in electrical power line construction.

The winch has such features as generality, compact structure, small volume, light dead weight, heavy lifting capacity and convenient.

AS1418.2Compliance applies when fitted with Approved Wire Ropes and Fittings.
MODEL BHW-800 BHW-1200 BHW-1800 BHW-2600
Capacity(kg)Pull-Lift  370-180 545-270 820-410 1200-600
Hand force required(kg)  14.5 15 22 19
Gear ratio  4.1:1 4.1:1 5.:1 10.:1
Hub diameter(mm) Φ40 Φ50 Φ70 Φ80
Handle length(mm) 160 210 320 320
Unit weight(kg) 3 3.3 8 10.3
Rope diameter(mm) Φ4 Φ5 Φ7 Φ8
Rops storage capacity(m)  36 23 24 18
Brake Hand Winches


Code No.: MSF-PNW(Manual Winches PNW Series)

Product Code PNW-100 PNW-300 PNW-500 PNW-1000
Wire Cable  Φ5.0mm Φ6.3mm Φ6.3mm Φ8.0mm
Durability on lst layer  100kg 300kg 500kg 1000kg
Drum Diameter(mm) 48 60.5 60.5 76.3
Hand Pressure Load(kg) 11.5 11 12 12
Drum Capacity(m) 30 30 40 40
Can Wind Per Turn(mm) 166.5 72.8 48.4 21.7
Working Handle Length(mm)  240 350 350 350
Reduction Gear Ratio 1:01 2.88:1 4.33:1 12.19:1
Manual Winches PNW Series


Code No.: MSF-HPB(Hand Pulley Block)

Model Working Load(T) Hook Latch H(mm) Rope Diameter(mm)
HPB05 0.5 20 Φ5
HPB10 1 23 Φ7
HPB20 2 27 Φ13
HPB32 3.2 31 Φ15
HPB64 6.4 42 Φ18
Hand Pulley Block

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