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Selection of wire rope for lifting equipment


Steel wire rope lifting equipment , lifting binding work indispensable main component, is widely used as a lifting rope, traction rope, hoisting rope.

No matter what kind of use as the steel wire rope. If the choice of type, use improper method is not reasonable. The lack of safety check, and do not pay attention to maintenance, more serious is reached end-of-life also continue to be used ,which has probably occurred due to the wire rope damage or breakage caused major accidents.

The lifting device of wire rope to the correct selection of recommended methods:
(1) lifting melting or hot metal wire rope, should use asbestos core of high temperature resistant wire rope.
(2) work in the open air, moisture, corrosion environment should be used in galvanized steel wire rope
(3) moves around the pulley and lifting accessories reeling mechanism lifting equipment, steel wire rope, wire rope should be preferred. As a result of linear contact lay wire rope wire of contact stress between small, wear small, winding
Good, relatively long service life of wire rope.
(4) larger or lifting equipment lifting wire rope multilayer winding, appropriate uses does not rotate, without loose tendency right interactive lay rope. This kind of wire rope and rope to reverse the trend of each other

Offset. When hoisting a heavy article is not easy to rotate and loose.

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