Wire rope pullers feature a lightweight, compact, high strength aluminum housing, smooth contour design with a large, flat bottom surface for increased stability in horizontal and vertical working positions.

Wire rope pulling hoist is a kind of small type hand-operated hoister, it is compact in structure, small in size, light in weight, has a longer operating life, less power expenditure and considerably less rope wear.

It is operated in accordance with lever principle by the means of pulling the forward handle or the backward handle manually to make it move to finish three performances such as lifting, pulling and tensioning with less manual force to obtain the load of more tonnage.

It is widely used in construction sites, laying of large pipes, installation and adjustments of machines, loading and unloading heavy and bulky goods, tensioning cables, heaping of forest products, obstacles removing etc.

- Fully portable, lightweight, compact design
-Rugged one-piece cast aluminum drum and double ratchet design for extremely long life; laminations won't corrode or separate
-Shielded drum to protect cable from incidental damage and maintain proper wrap on drum
-Double ratcheting pawls to keep handle force centered on load and prevent tendency for hoist to twist or rotate
-Upper swivel latch type hook rotates 360°and articulates 180' to provide easier connection to suspension point or load
-Corrosion-resistant zinc-plated finish
-High-strength corrosion-resistant galvanized aircraft cable
-Over-sized hooks to provide larger throat opening for easier attachment
-Usable in any position, even upside down, allowing easy rigging in tight applications
-Patented operating mechanism to allow one-finger operation
-Heavy-duty steel frame and easy-to-use handle with permanently fixed non-slip thermally insulated grip handle
-One-piece cast steel pawl for increased durability and strength
-Free wheeling in unloaded state for easy attachment of load

Wire rope puller

Wire rope puller

Model WRP08 WRP16 WRP32 WRP54
Lifting Capacity (kg) 800 1600 3200 5400
Pulling Capacity (kg) 1300 2800 6000 10125
Tested (kg) 1500 3000 6000 10125
Steel Wire Rope Dia.(mm) IWRC 8.3 IWRC 11 IWRC 16 IWRC 20
Wire Rope Safty Factory Load Capacity (mm) 5×WLL 5×WLL 5×WLL 5×WLL
Breaking Strength Of Wire Rope (kg) 5430 9680 17200 27000
Overall Structure Breaking Strength 4×WLL 4×WLL 4×WLL 4×WLL
Ransmission 3 mtrs 3 mtrs 3 mtrs 3 mtrs
Safety Device safety pins safety pins safety pins safety pins
Net Weight (without wire rope) (kg) 6.4 12 23 28
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